Is the cloud safe?

It’s quite likely that security is the most important factor for every kind of IT service, whether internal or external. For the cloud, security issues are perhaps seen even more critically than usual, because data is stored on external servers. But are you sure that keeping your data in-house is the best you can do for it?

The cloud is more than just photo storage

Do you think of the cloud as a new advancement? Well, did you know that you started using it far earlier than you might think? If you remember the first email address you founded – if it was, say, Google or Hotmail – that’s precisely when you first became a user of cloud services.

Distance matters. Which technology sees what you need?

Understanding what’s stored in your warehouse and by your lines is useful, to say the least. But you needn’t always know with perfect precision. The technologies that let you localise objects in your halls are several in number. We’ve prepared an outline of which system can do what and when it’s worth considering.

Warning! You are in an unauthorized zone!

Imagine a warehouse where the workers don’t have to scan shelf positions and where the forklifts automatically avoid high-traffic spots so that they never have to wait and yield. Imagine a world where people are always notified when they enter an unsafe zone – perhaps a robot zone.

Digitalisation is all about people

In manufacturing and logistics companies, digitalisation keeps on making work easier and letting people focus more deeply on their specialisations. Behind all of the systems, automation, configurations, programming and process creation that we talk about in AIMagazine, you’ll always find people.

The cornerstone of every digital factory

Trend Průmyslu 4.0 prodlužuje dobu usínání nejen korporátním IT manažerům, tímto tématem se často musí zabývat i vrcholové managementy firem. Ať už proto, že digitalizační projekty jsou ve skluzu a nestíhají tempo diktované trhem, nebo proto, že rozpočet už je dávno vyčerpán a změny ani zdaleka nepřinášejí očekávané cíle.

The Digital Factory as MuleSoft sees it

MuleSoft is a company that develops software for interconnecting applications and technologies. They’ve developed the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform as a foundation for integrating enterprise systems.

We’re migrating ClouEDI. To Amazon

After a long and careful selection process, we have decided for the use of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacentre in Frankfurt, which is ClouEDI’s new home as of November.

The days of the ISDN line are numbered. Are you ready?

You likely already know that Deutsche Telekom will be terminating the operation of its ISDN network as of December 31st, 2018. But do you have a conception for how you’ll continue communicating with your partners using EDI without ISDN?

And what is your manufacturing company’s integration strategy?

Many manufacturing companies have already been performing digitalisation activities for quite a long time now. In the past they invested into manufacturing equipment and warehouses, which today are commonly controlled by advanced software.