We’ve got to be curious!

Paul Norford was one of the main speakers at TAL 2018, where he enchanted us all with his energy and his words on innovation, data and the rise of new generations. What, in Paul’s opinion, leads us towards change? And how do people today differ from their Stone Age predecessors?

The Digital Factory: Pain or Gain?

This question has been a challenge for many companies since long before Industry 4.0 came into this world. We’ll be addressing it – and possible answers to it – at the Trends in Automotive Logistics (TAL) conference, which we’ll be holding in Pilsen on 10 October.

New I4.0 technologies must be adaptable into the industrial environment

The WITTE Automotive company ranks among global technological leaders. The production plant in Nejdek is the largest within the group. It…

Interview – František Finger, logistics manager TRCZ

Complex system management of logistics allowed the TRCZ company for providing traceability and reducing count of errors at receipt and…

Magna: Transfer of production planning experience from the Czech plant to Germany

Magna is a leader in the automotive industry for the production and supply of components. Every year it places in…

Twenty years, and we are amused more and more

This year, the AIMTEC company is celebrating even twenty years since the foundation. It was one of the main reasons […]

Our mother company is satisfied because its daughter company was able to master an MES project independently

The SappyMES implementation project upon agreed time and financial conditions. Czech branch of the German Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics GmbH company, manufacturing […]

Asprova opened our eyes. Thanks to it we were able to reduce our stock by 50 %.

The Futaba Czech company started an implementation of the Asprova system for advanced planning and production controlling in April 2014. […]

Chinese company expanding to Europe with the Czech IT support

“We have won the first project from the Volkswagen concern. It was the MQB product for the ŠKODA AUTO car […]

Transparent fact-based quality control

The Alfmeier CZ company is one of the most prominent plants of the German Alfmeier Präzision AG. concern and it […]