Augmented reality – from ice cream to the production line

According to a study by the University of Washington, a full 65% of children have one or more imaginary friends. […]

The new SAP ERP generation is coming. Are you ready?

Starting in 2025, the new generation of SAP ERP – SAP S/4HANA – will fully replace the current version. The current version, SAP ECC 6.0, will no longer be supported or see further development. What are the options for moving to SAP S/4HANA?

Enjoy your sleep. We’ll protect your dreams

We doubt you’ll find anyone who’d challenge the statement that in our age of deep interconnection among industry’s manufacturing sectors, […]


Aimtec’s Support division provides nonstop support for our customers. Requests are processed by a team of people who must understand both the customer’s products and the importance of a cool head.

Fall in love with the sculpted Sappy

The products in our Sappy range are currently under intensive “core” testing. Thanks to their new core composition, developed for S/4HANA, you can look forward to new, expertly sculpted Sappy products with more convenient feature sets.

Get the most out of LBS

GPS systems can’t see indoors. But LBS technology can! And so it practically begs to be used for indoor handling-equipment navigation. Use your fleet capacity fully. Besides finding an optimal route based on your work queue, LBS adjusts that route based on the latest info – for example another vehicle’s presence in an aisle.

Digitalisation is all about people

In manufacturing and logistics companies, digitalisation keeps on making work easier and letting people focus more deeply on their specialisations. Behind all of the systems, automation, configurations, programming and process creation that we talk about in AIMagazine, you’ll always find people.

We have our own digital factory too

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a key process for manufacturing companies. Even though it is not directly responsible for manufacturing, integration with suppliers and purchasers is itself of fundamental importance for practically all manufacturers, and especially for automotive suppliers.

Lean Manufacturing principles applied to a packaging line

Not many companies in our country have withstood its fundamental societal changes over the last 100 years without major fluctuations. The Swedish company SKF is one of the exceptions. It set up a business branch, and later a manufacturing branch, here just after World War I, and it’s still successfully making history today.

The first step on the road to Industry 4.0 at DAIHO

DAIHO v České republice vyrábí plastové výlisky pro průmyslové využití. Výrobky z liberecké továrny DAIHO Schenk, kterými jsou popelníky nebo držáky kelímků, najdete v automobilech Audi, BMW, VW a Mercedes.