Integrate SAP ERP with EDI

It’s hard to say, really, which system in a company is the most important. For some companies, it might be the production management system, for others planning, for others accounting.

Not just smart manufacturing – smart planning too

A digital factory doesn’t just mean collecting data on production and logistics processes. It also means controlling them. And you…

How does a car get painted?

It has long been the rule that new cars are not made entirely at the automakers. Hundreds of other firms specialise in producing the individual components, and if these are components that affect the car’s visuals, then painting awaits them as well.

Avoid packaging finished products twice, and get your customer-packages warehouse under control

Do you too run into situations where your company runs out of customer packages, and your production line has to place products in internal packaging and then repackage them before dispatching to the customer?

Controlling semi-automatic stackers directly from a WMS

Are you equipping your warehouses with semi-automatic VNA stackers?

A serial-number register for dispatched goods – helping you and your customers

Are traceability requirements forcing you to keep a record of which customer a handling unit shipped to, and with which specific serial number?

Project management in five time zones

“We’re going to have a project in China”! These words can spark a lot of joy at first, but when it comes time for a project team that includes a plant manager in Asia, his superior in the US and further colleagues in Europe to meet, they can also ignite an enormous challenge.

Simpler indication of picking positions in Vertical Lift Module systems

Until now, within Vertical Lift Module systems (Kardex Remstar), Pick-by-Light lights and integrated LEDs could only be used separately. While their integrated LEDs indicated picking positions, Pick by Light displayed picking quantities and served for picking confirmation.

How can duplicate changes be prevented when multiple planners are working on one model?

A new feature in Asprova enables multiple employees to work on the same production plan at once.

Single-warehouse tracking of goods that lack customs clearance

DCIx now makes it possible to record, within a single handling unit, what quantities out of its goods have / do not yet have customs clearance. The records on receipt and customs clearance of goods are stored in the detailed transaction history.