When a problem is solved before you know it

Cloud services don’t just mean moving a server off-site. Using them also gives you many services in the background that would otherwise burden your internal team. You don’t just save money – in many cases you won’t even have to know there was a hiccup.

Making the yard work like clockwork

It’s true that some ERP systems can cover a certain portion of the planning for loading and unloading as well.

We have a lot more responsibility now

This April, we officially launched, a single platform incorporating all of Aimtec’s cloud solutions.

The king is dead, long live the king!

The MC9000 mobile terminals have long been among the best-selling products in their category.

AIMagazine 33

  Download AIMagazine 33 Technology is often full of buzzwords – everyone talks about them, but few suspect what’s actually…
Skladon - otevření nové haly/Skladon new warehouse

Logistics start-up Skladon has entered a new era

It’s said that the Czech Republic is a land of e-shops. But e-shops require high-quality logistics, and the founders of […]
Fiori - obrazovka

Fiori – a facelift to SAP

As one of the top players in ERP systems, SAP is well aware that an intuitive interface is an integral […]
Cloud security

A safe motorway to the cloud

A snapshot from a typical hall: the beeps of readers and buzzes of printers resound throughout the warehouse. Operators are […]

Augmented reality – from ice cream to the production line

According to a study by the University of Washington, a full 65% of children have one or more imaginary friends. […]

Integrate SAP ERP with EDI

It’s hard to say, really, which system in a company is the most important. For some companies, it might be the production management system, for others planning, for others accounting.