Skladon - otevření nové haly/Skladon new warehouse
Logistics start-up Skladon has entered a new era
The king is dead, long live the king!

Technology is often full of buzzwords – everyone talks about them, but few suspect what’s actually behind them and how to really use them. For this issue of AIMagazine, we’ve chosen topics that may sound like buzzwords, but experience says they aren’t.

The first of these is the cloud. Most of us have begun using it, without suspecting what it means. Over time it has grown from just storage into a new direction for both consumer and industrial IT. Inside this issue, you’ll learn of the applications that cloud computing can have for industry. We’ve also grilled Aimtec’s new cloud services director Jan Stočes on what cloud solution development entails. You’ll find this interview on page 14.

Augmented reality is another popular technology. While it’s currently more the domain of game developers and advertisers, here as well, real possibilities for its use in industrial practice are inevitably emerging. So don’t miss the articles on pages 8–11 with examples of how to use augmented reality in manufacturing, thereby saving time and money.

And since no systems can exist without physical tools, we’ve prepared a review of the new Zebra terminal that’s just reaching the market. Turn to page 20 to find out where it beats its predecessors. But in these pages you’ll also find much more. Here’s wishing you pleasant reading.

Pleasant reading!