Logistics start-up Skladon has entered a new era

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AIMagazine 33

It’s said that the Czech Republic is a land of e-shops. But e-shops require high-quality logistics, and the founders of Ostrava-based Skladon know this well. Four years ago, they took advantage of a hole in the market and – after winning a startup competition – started their own company. Now they’ve opened a new fulfilment centre that provides infrastructure for their future growth. But you won’t find a WMS server room there…

Skladon - new warehouse opening ceremony

From left: Zdeňka Linková (Aimtec), Patrik Babinec, Konstantin Margaretis, Miloš Halecky (all Skladon), Marek Šabatka (Aimtec)

This distribution centre’s gala opening on May 22nd was bursting with startup enthusiasm, which gradually carried over to the representatives of this young company’s suppliers, investors and other supporters. Energy and faith in Skladon’s business plan were palpable in the speeches by its founders and by the deputy regional governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region, Jakub Unucka, who stated: “I’m glad to see such an ambitious company founded in none other than the Moravian-Silesian region.” The founders Konstantin Margaretis, Matrik Babinec and Miloš Halecký all declared that the strategic partnerships they’ve successfully forged, both investor-side and on the sides of suppliers and of the solution-development team now tirelessly building their MySkladon application, have been essential.  MySkladon helps e-shop owners to navigate and manage orders, refunds and replacement claims. Konstantin Margaretis laid out Skladon’s future direction: “We want to work on automation and digitalisation and expand into the world. It won’t be simple, and it will require finances, partnerships and hard work by everyone at Skladon”. We at Aimtec feel compelled to cross our fingers for their future. We look forward to seeing the cloud version of our WMS growing alongside Skladon – who were also its first deployment.