The Digital Factory: Pain or Gain?

Not just smart manufacturing – smart planning too
We have our own digital factory too

This question has been a challenge for many companies since long before Industry 4.0 came into this world. We’ll be addressing it – and possible answers to it – at the Trends in Automotive Logistics (TAL) conference, which we’ll be holding in Pilsen on 10 October. To learn why you should attend this conference and what will distinguish its 19th year, we spoke with Roman Žák, Aimtec’s chairman of the board.


Why did you pick “The Digital Factory: Pain or Gain” as this year’s subject?

You can approach digitalisation very simply and gain from it. But you can also make it very complicated for yourself, and that – that is pain. We can really feel how, for many of our customers and other companies too, digitalisation is enticing, but also an entanglement. For some it’s a source of frustration, because they don’t know the right angle. We believe that the whole process can be handled pragmatically and very rationally – you just choose pilot projects and a team with the right people to steer through the change. Digitalisation is mainly about people, after all.


And what will people learn at TAL? Why should they make the journey out to Pilsen?

They’ll learn there, but we haven’t set it up as a training class, and they won’t be fed instructions. They won’t hear a simple: “To digitalise, do this and this.” TAL is a set of presentations – real-life examples and case studies about how you can “do digitalisation” and what other companies have experienced while introducing it. We want to whet people’s appetite so they’re not afraid of changes, and so they’ll discuss the benefits and pitfalls with our speakers and each other.

We always invest a lot of effort into finding interesting speakers who can catch everyone’s interest and bring in new ideas. Practically immediately after one year finishes, we begin working on the next. We also want to make the whole event’s atmosphere a good one day and night. And this year we’re providing more space for meeting each other and talking to each other. We’re also looking forward to the evening program, including the singer Tonya Graves.


Who’s the audience for TAL?

Most of the roughly 180 people attending TAL each year come from logistics, and they’re mainly heads of manufacturing, company directors and, of course, IT. We are an IT company, after all. But we welcome everyone whose job is to manage processes and who wants to learn how digitalisation can help their company.


What road has TAL travelled in its nineteen years?

The road to becoming truly international. We’ve managed to make TAL a Czech/German event, and every year we work on improving its program and organisation. I firmly believe that this year, too, we’ll succeed at providing an enriching and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.