We’re migrating ClouEDI. To Amazon

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Hand in hand with the successful development of ClouEDI, demands for e.g. infrastructure and certifications are rising, and our customers’ requirements are growing. Because we want to remain number one on the automotive EDI market, we have decided to take our infrastructure to the next level – to the cloud professionals.

After a long and careful selection process, we have decided for the use of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centre in Frankfurt, which is ClouEDI’s new home as of November. The actual migration was preceded by long planning, testing, and coordination with customers and their partners so as to minimize the technical downtime’s effect on actual service availability. The new data centre will enable us to flexibly react to the further development of ClouEDI and offers both a higher SLA and a large number of certifications that will take us to the next level. Customers are provided a guarantee of safety for the storage of their data, which will not leave the territory of the European Union. We have thus reached a new milestone in the framework of our motto “Be digital. Faster,” and we look forward to successful cooperation with our customers.

“We’re supporting our customers’ business and successfully growing together with them. Simultaneously we’re always acquiring larger and more interesting projects, and we measure up to the giants of the field. Our migration to Amazon is thus just one of our steps for continuing our growth and keeping pace with the global competition”, says Jan Stočes, ClouEDI Project & Product Manager at the Integration division.