Bosch supplies their production line in sequence

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Robert Bosch, spol. s.r.o. in České Budějovice will replenish its production line in sequence, when Aimtec corporation deploys their own sequencing solution DCI MySequence. The main contribution of this project is saving of storage space in front of the line, reduced inventory levels and minimalisation of errors in line supply.

The Stuttgart based Robert Bosch GmbH concern, traditionally holds first place among global automotive industry suppliers. The Robert Bosch subsidiary in České Budějovice was established in 1992. Its production programme consists of tank pump modules, suction modules, cylinder head covers and electronic gas pedals. Major customers are leading European, Japanese, Asian and South American car manufacturers, for example BMW, VW, Audi, Mazda, Mercedes, Honda, Nissan, Fiat, DaimlerChrysler.

Connecting leaders

The Robert Bosch Budějovice plant produces special tanks for Ad-Blue, which is injected into the exhaust fumes of diesel engines. The tanks are bulky which has lead to restricted storage space in production area. The management decided to deal with this current situation by sequencing production parts from the material warehouse to the production line. The material warehouse is supplied in the JIT (JustInTime) regime, and production line will respect the JIS (JustInSequence) system already utilissed by internal company processes at Robert Bosch. The process of sequencing parts will be provided by Aimtec and their solution DCI MySequence.

Aimtec with their specialised product enable not only internal sequencing processes but also reliable and timely deliveries taking place between Tier1 automotive suppliers and final car manufacturers in the JIT regime. Therefore Aimtec ranks among the top experts on logistical and production processes for automotive industry suppliers, and not only by their experience proven by great reference names.

DCI MySequence – sign of benefits

Expected benefits of the DCI MySequence implementation is enabled increase of mass volume products, inventory level reduction and reduction of warehouse space. Main objectives of the project is to ensure sequential production supply, increased supply reliability thanks to automated Kanban ordering and maintained simplicity of pull method of line replenishment with parts. The project of sequencing parts onto the production line is set to run for four months with an expected completion in July 2010.