Varnea performs orders via a mobile system

AIMagazine 12
CEVA – into the new warehouse with a new system

The AIMTEC Company, a successful developer of IT applications and provider of related services has created and implemented a new mobile system to collect and administer electronic orders from customers of the Pilsner VARNEA Company (expert in gastronomy). The mobile system is designed along the requirements of VARNEA. It enables to send orders from a business representative directly to the company’s central office without any changes to the original business processes setup and to the work style of business representatives. Unlike the former paper-based system the electronic system reduces the ordering cycle considerably, making the work of business representatives easier and more effective.

VARNEA, a.s. is an all-Czech company that was founded in 2000. Since then it has achieved a stable position in the convenience food market (e.g. garnishes, consommés, soups, sauces, pasta and other side dishes). During the eight years of its existence VARNEA has worked its way up to become the largest independent supplier to catering companies in the Czech Republic. VARNEA operates in all places of the Czech Republic through its business representatives and partner wholesalers. It has its logistics headquarters in Pilsen. The target group of the company comprises hotels, restaurants, canteens and fast-food chains.

Business representatives of the VARNEA Company used to order the company’s assortment on paper forms that included customer’s contact data and a history of all their orders. As this ordering system became limiting for the fast-growing company in its further development, it was necessary to design a new ordering system solution to facilitate the communication of business representatives with the company’s central office, while maintaining the run-in system of business representatives´ work. The VARNEA Company has decided to cooperate with the Aimtec Company, a specialist in the development of IT applications that reflect customers´ requirements. The designed mobile ordering system solution is based on the deployment of mobile and highly mechanically resistant Itermec PDAs (operating system – Windows Mobile) with a tailored application that ensures business representatives´ order data collection and their subsequent distribution to the central system.

The new solution, which was designed and delivered by Aimtec, facilitates and makes easier the work of VARNEA’s business representatives. The system reduces the order cycle significantly in comparison with the legacy paper-based system, as the orders are made in real time, immediately upon their confirmation by customer. The ordering system takes advantage of the mobile GPRS connection and data transfer.