The days of the ISDN line are numbered. Are you ready?

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You likely already know that Deutsche Telekom will be terminating the operation of its ISDN network as of December 31st, 2018. But do you have a conception for how you’ll continue communicating with your partners using EDI without ISDN? Since you can’t avoid a change in any case, why not also consider a new cloud- and software-based EDI solution?

It’s honestly the simplest way to resolve two matters simultaneously. With your migration to ClouEDI you’ll not only be terminating your outdated line, but also be acquiring a modern and constantly developing EDI-as-a-service solution. It is possible, however, that you cannot or do not want to switch to a cloud solution. In that case we offer aid for a migration performed on your existing equipment. We provide for the migration of all your connections to the new protocol using an on-boarding portal of our own design. It provides a comprehensive view of the process overall. You in turn have the possibility to see in real time the migration phases that individual partners are in and gain an overall project overview. Aimtec specialists will arrange a schedule for the transition with your dozens or hundreds of partners and then connect them and perform the final testing. We can guarantee to you that we will guide the entire project to a successful conclusion and you will have a 100% overview of the entire process. The service also has a firmly set, transparent price based on your number of partners.

Reducing overall costs via an on-boarding portal

How does this service work in practice and what worries are taken out of your hands? Aimtec specialists contact the partners with which you currently communicate. Each partner registers and chooses from the connection options that you have defined. They then enter their party’s technical parameters and obtain yours. After data validation, Aimtec specialists plan the date for technical setup, testing and transition into live operation. Every project for migration to a new integration solution is always a matter of communication. With the use of an on-boarding portal, we significantly reduce the overall project costs. Migration to a new communication type is a complex project, but it is also a kind of project that we have managed many times – one where we know how to be effective. Leave it to us. You in turn can focus on your business and on activities that will bring you a competitive advantage.