LASSELSBERGER has optimised its ceramic tile storage

We live in a time of an accelerating change, states Milan Zelený
AIMagazine 30

LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o. has built a new storage and distribution centre in Chlumčany, near the Czech town of Pilsen. It has chosen SappyWMS – a product supplied by Aimtec – for complete management of the centre’s logistics. Products are controlled by SappyWMS from the moment of their receipt from production, on through storage and all the way out to shipping. This functionality is supported by technologies for optimising the movements of automated stackers and guided trucks. SappyWMS enables effective storage-space utilisation through its strategies for storing different stock types, and it simplifies the sales process during the shipping phase. It has the advantage of adaptable functionalities that can be customised to meet specific requirements and to reflect tomorrow’s logistics developments.

A system based on standard SAP functionalities runs warehousing

In 2016, the ceramic tile manufacturer LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o. constructed a new and modern distribution and storage centre in Chlumčany, near the city of Pilsen, Czech Republic. This construction took place based on a successful initial 2013 project in Lubná, near the Czech town of Rakovník. The warehouse has a capacity of 70,000 pallets and utilises automated manipulation technology. The centre contains two types of storage areas: block areas, in which complete pallets are stored, and rack areas, from which materials can be shipped box-by-box. All of the centre’s internal logistics processes have received support from Aimtec’s SappyWMS system, which is a part of SAP ERP, and which was designed based on standard SAP functionalities.

SappyWMS manages processes from storing to shipping

SappyWMS utilises a goods-storage strategy that proposes optimum warehousing based on package properties and storage-point types. SappyWMS supports a wide range of internal stock shifts and movements, including cycle counts. Its register of stock, pallet, box and item movements is kept on the basis of unique package numbers. Important functionalities include making batch checks (for colour or shade), preparing items for shipping, removing them from storage points and loading them. In SappyWMS, the accumulation of requests and the distribution of time windows starts with the warehouse’s dispatchers. The specific workload for warehouse stock handlers is displayed on carriage terminals. Assignments are made based on predefined criteria. The system thus offers real-time information on the status of shipments being prepared for customers. The storage area also includes a sample room that is maintained as stock for a different plant.

Accelerated warehouse item flow and other benefits

SappyWMS enables smooth shipping of deliveries, which are generally made up of full pallets from the block storage spaces or mixed pallets with boxes and single items. The company has successfully handled this complex shipment preparation type by deploying SappyWMS and utilising appropriate technologies. Shipping has been centralised from the entire grounds of the Chlumčany manufacturing plant down to the distribution centre alone, and it now enables the dispatching of up to 100 lorries per day. Work in this unified system has the advantage of real-time data access, followed up with the creation of 100% reliable logistics reports utilised by the company’s individual divisions. The sales process has thus been simplified; the logistics portion – along with the shipping portion – plays a significant role in this process. The unified solution helps to speed up the flow of materials and products inside the company and eases the jobs of stock handlers and warehouse workers. The company has last but not least saved costs on the support and administration of its own WMS system. The SappyWMS deployment project began in January of 2017. Its completion is planned for the end of 2017.


LASSELSBERGER, s.r.o. is the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the Czech Republic. It is also among the largest European tiling material manufacturers. It has been maintaining and developing the tradition of the Czech RAKO brand for 135 years. By segmenting this brand into RAKO HOME, RAKO OBJECT and RAKO SYSTEM, the company covers nearly all of its customers’ needs for the purchasing and installation of ceramic wall tiles. The company currently employs 1,600 people at five manufacturing plants: Chlumčany, Lubná u Rakovníka, Horní Bříza, Podbořany and Borovany.