Austrian Schukra Berndorf will control logistics more efficiently using a new WMS

A warehouse managed using SappyWMS in Sumisho Global Logistics
AIMTEC managed to implement WMS in an all-time short period of 21 days

Schukra Berndorf GmbH, an Austrian branch of the Leggett & Platt Automotive Group, will make its production processes of lumbar comfort and massage systems for automotive industry more efficient. The DCIxWMS system for warehouse management implemented by the Czech AIMTEC company will help. The main benefit will be more quality and transparent logistics processes, reduction of errors, and connection to the Infor LX enterprise system for relevant production planning.

Ensuring main processes, integration to Infor LX

The Schukra Berndorf management keeps increasing production efficiency and reducing errors. At the same time it requires exact and complete information about all products and items in the warehouse and in its new planned hall, while keeping suppliers informed about all purchase requests as exactly and as quickly as possible. That is why the company representatives asked the AIMTEC Company, which has extensive experience with settings of processes for automotive industry. The AIMTEC Company will implement the DCIxWMS logistics solution in the Schukra Berndorf Company.

“We chose AIMTEC based on references and know-how they have gathered in our field. Team of consultants will perform all necessary steps leading to a successful implementation and start of the WMS system, without any necessity to involve our internal resources. At the same time they will ensure integration to the existing Infor LX enterprise system and other systems,” explains Mr. Jan Vitek about the project, the IT Manager EMEA in the Leggett & Platt Company.

DCIxWMS benefits

By the DCIxWMS implementation, the Schukra Berndorf Company will get overview of all running logistics processes, like material receipt against purchase order, or VDA label, putting into warehouse, issue to production, receipt of final products to the warehouse and their subsequent shipments, and quality management. At the same time DCIxWMS will reduce errors and assure adherence to the FIFO rules. DCIxWMS contains the autowriter function, which enables simulation of manually input data into individual screens of the Infor LX system, thus making integration and cooperation of both systems possible.

The Warehouse Management System implementation project started in early July 2015. The DCIxWMS system’s operational start will take place by the end of November 2015 including implementation of the DCIxPortal solution. Using this web application Schukra Berndorf will issue purchase orders to its suppliers. Suppliers will print internal labels of the Schukra Berndorf company, based on which an ASN electronic delivery note will be created. This will allow making quick and error-free material receipt, reducing thus accidental mistakes during subsequent re-labelling.

Schukra Berndorf GmbH

Schukra Berndorf GmbH is a part Leggett & Platt Automotive Group Europe. L&P Automotive Group specializes in development, production and sale of comfort systems like lumbar support, side bolsters, massage and adjustment of seat comfort in cars, aircrafts and office. The Global L&P Automotive Group has, in addition to the European locations, other plants in Asia and North America. Its customers are leading automotive OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers.